Design for sustainability with next-gen materials.

RoundRack's collaborative platform streamlines the integration of innovative materials into your production lines.

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How it works

Define or upload your project criteria, including logistical info, legal documents, desired sustainability attributes, technical properties and RSL. 

Share internally and with external partners 

getting everyone on the same page; communicate in context of material, share manufacturing tutorials, care and testing instructions. 

Perfect the outcome by managing feedback and iteration requests; receive suggestions and keep on track of timeline.

Choose material from a curated selection of vetted suppliers, or onboard your own suppliers / innovators and assess according to your criteria.

Gain access to advanced material insights including sustainability breakdown, technical properties, testing results and marketing material.   

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The end to countless email threads
and unknown lead time.

Gain access to
cutting-edge materials

Curated selection from vetted suppliers.

Gain access to critical info

Including test results, instructions and manufacturing tutorials.

Shorten your

lead time

With AI - powered process management.

Align stakeholders and partners

With 'single source of truth' for communication and feedback. 

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Not another one-off project;
Start integrating next-gen materials at scale.